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What Will Happen During Your Wilmington NC Renovation: Part 1

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

There’s a Lot of Work that Goes into it Before You Even Start

If you’ve already started the process, you understand what we mean. There is a long planning phase involved before a nail or screw ever takes root. This phase can vary a lot depending on how deep into the process you are, but there are still things that will happen no matter how far along you are. First, you have to pick what you want to do and how much you have to spend. This seems obvious, but you need to also understand how this will fit into your current design and living space. Sometimes going into a project with nothing other than, we want a new kitchen, can make the design phase eat up a lot of time and money.

Next, you need to lay out a time frame for yourself and the project. Remember, you will have limited use while the project is happening, so if you pick a whole house to remodel, your life will be changed for a long time. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, just be ready for the possibility that your time frame and the real one might be different. Some things can take way longer or less time than you may think.

Things to Look for in a Contractor

Then, someone actually needs to do the work! Picking a contractor is hard but there are four things to look for in a remodeling job:

1. A Contractor who has the ability to help you in the design and actually understand your space.

2. A Proven quality of work and the response their previous customers have had.

3. Someone you can actually get along with, as they will work closely with you on the project.

4. A contractor who has proven to meet deadlines.

There are more options than this, but these are a good start to look at. If you want to have a space that works for your home, contact us today to have our design experts reach out and see if our building science approach is for you.

Picking a Time Frame

When do you want your project to be completed? Why is it so important? First, you want to know when the work will be over and you’re life will go back to normal. Or, maybe you have a big event coming up, maybe you want the space to enjoy for the next season, or anything reason is valid to pick a solid timeframe. It’s not only for the completion date but also for when you want the work to actually occur. As you will have people in your house making noise during the day. Areas might not be used at night. Some homeowners even like to try and plan renovations when they have a long vacation planned. So they won’t have to deal with the construction for the entire period.

Just be aware, that if you plan for a certain time, you might not get it. Scheduling does not always allow for the project to be done exactly when you want. That’s why the further out you book, the better your chances. If you need something done next week, you’re probably in for some trouble.

If you’re thinking about starting your remodel and want a team that can not only help you design your dreams but also take the job all the way, call the team at Avocet Design Build today to set up your free consultation! And check back for part 2 to see everything else you have to think about.


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