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Designed for the Way You Want to Live

When contemplating a renovation for your Wilmington, NC home you've got two options. You can hire and architect AND a general contractor OR you can hire us. We design and build your project.

Our Process as a Design First Firm––Gives us a chance to brainstorm solutions with you!

Untitled design.png

Compatibility Meeting

Discuss project

Introduce our company

Listen to your hopes and dreams

Discuss budget ranges

Explain Avocet Design Service

Untitled design.png

Selections Process

Build out your favorite design

Selection of large scale items such as appliances, cabinetry, tile & flooring

Lighting Consultation

Untitled design.png

Needs Analysis

Questionnaire about your current needs and lifestyle

Budget range work

Compiling a Style Guide

Untitled design.png

Final Design Decisions

Final selections approved 

Construction Agreement signed

Start Date Scheduled

Untitled design.png

Concept Planning

2-3 layouts for you to choose from

Style Guidelines Finalized

Budget closer to actual costs based on decisions

Untitled design.png

Interior Furniture Selections

Selections help with furniture

Selections help with art work

Selections help with all soft furnishings

Everything put in place


Unique Solutions That Make Your Home Work For You

Take a Look--Our Designs Come to Life

Use the right and left arrow keys to see our plans come to life

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