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Stress-Free Home Remodeling in Wilmington, NC

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

How to Get Through Your Home Remodeling Project With as Little Stress as possible

Home remodeling projects can bring numerous benefits to our lives by changing and transforming the living spaces of our home into those that we dream of and imagine ourselves living in. The sought-after end-product, while desirable, takes a considerable amount of planning and work to achieve. The process can put your spouse and family into an uneasy position as it likely involves uprooting them from their daily personal spaces and daily routines. This can place a large amount of stress on individuals as well as the family dynamic. In order to best avoid the stressors that are indeed avoidable, we will offer some advice to consider throughout the various steps of home renovation.

Have A Plan and Stick to it

The initial worry and stress over a home renovation can begin when something is unclear or undefined. If you and your spouse or your contractor are not on the same page during every step of the tear-down and building process, there will be friction. Having a plan means communicating about everything you and your spouse want and making sure that the contractors are well informed of these choices. It is your home after all and you should be getting your money’s worth for everything being done to your home. If this means specific materials that you want, a certain configuration of the space, even when and where work should occur; all of this should be well-known among yourself, your spouse, and the contractors.

A Good Plan Starts With Great Design and Accomplished Project Management

A good plan should start your design, but it doesn’t end there! Obviously, the better designed your project is for your space, the easier it will be to carry out. That’s why at Avocet Design Build we use state-of-the-art design software to get you exactly what you need. And that doesn’t always mean bitter! We will work with you to get your design working perfectly for your space. However, design is only part one of this equation.

The second part is project management. With over 30 years of experience in our lead, we know how to get projects done on time and as stress-free as possible. While there will always be unknowns in remodeling, we know how to work through the problems and keep the project on time so you don’t have to add the extra stress of a job going way over time.

Living at Home or Away During The Remodel

Another big decision to make when planning for a remodel is whether you are going to temporarily relocate your family while the renovation takes place, or you are going to stay at home. Both options present some challenges to work through with your spouse and family. The option to stay elsewhere, with relatives or in a hotel, for example, can benefit both yourselves and the contractor in the way of maintaining separate living and working spaces respectively. This however can throw a wrench into the daily routine of your family logistics. If you have to deal with new commutes to work, school, or other extra-curricular activities that you live nearby and are having to re-route your normal life then you may want to choose to stay at home.

While this option has the obvious potential for disruption of your normally peaceful home setting, communication with your contractor about a work schedule can make things much easier. A good way to decide this schedule is to discuss with your family what their daily routines are. Which bathrooms (if you have more than one) will be needed for getting ready in the morning? When will the kids be at school, thus opening their rooms for work to be done? What time does everyone return back to the house, use the kitchen, and spend time in the living room? These simple steps of communication taken before any work begins will immensely improve your family’s quality of life during an extensive remodeling.

Communication Will Minimize Stress

We highlight this as the concluding topic to acknowledge the importance of communication in executing a seamless and stress-free remodel project. Both you and your partner should be on the same page every step of the way during a project that will ultimately alter the home you share. Your husband or wife should be actively involved in the decision-making as should, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent, your children or other family members who share the home. Striving to achieve the goals of the family is what Avocet Design Build is experienced in and geared towards. But if two parties disagree on a design element or material choice, we can only express the benefits leant to us by experience. You, along with your spouse or partner, are the ones who will ultimately make the final decisions.

Avocet Design Build has decades of experience remodeling and adding additions to homes in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Let us help you take your project from a daydream to your new reality. With our state-of-the-art design software and skilled contractors, we will design and build the addition you have always wanted. Call us today or visit our website for a free consultation!


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