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Modernizing Your Kitchen With a Remodel in Porters Neck NC

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Fitting in With Your Updated Dreams & Goals

This is where Authentic Design comes in huge! While you may have a vision for what you want, bringing that to life can sometimes be harder than you think, well, that is if you don’t have the right team working with you. In the design phase, you want a contractor who can not only truly design what you want, but be respectful of your space and your existing home The idea of modernizing a space seems simple enough, but if you go too big (or small) it won’t work right. You want everything to look.

Instead of always thinking about square footage, think about how the project will look finished and what you actually need/want.

Our Authentic Design process does just that. We use top-of-the-line technology to give you a virtual footprint of what your space will look like and how it will fit in with your existing home and style. That way you can feel confident before a single board is put down.

The Freedom to Have Your Own Space

To some, it might just be a new kitchen, but to the person who will be using it, you, it is so much more than that! It is a space that will be your sanctuary, a place to live your life, every day. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all spend so much time in the kitchen. It might as well be everything you could want! So while you’re updating it to impress and help raise the value, don’t forget the most important reason to renovate, you!

Whether it’s just one small little thing you want added to bring you joy every day, or a big statement piece like your countertops, don’t let the entire process go by without getting just what you want. With that in mind, there are some more things to think about just in the design phase of the project.

Custom Means Just for You

You not only want something that will be uncluttered and artful, but you also want something that fits perfectly with your wants. That’s where you need a contractor that will work with you but also take your initial thoughts and turn them into something amazing. Again, a lot of it comes back to design, but that’s just the nature of the beast! This also brings overall idea into mind.

Often times this goes far above the idea of just changing a few cabinets or appliances. If you really want something that is perfect for you, you have to go above and beyond. That way when all the hassle is over with, you’ll be standing not only in a new kitchen but a new piece of your home that makes you feel revitalized and invigorated!

If you are looking to update your space, contact the professionals at Avocet Design Build for a free consultation today and get your dreams off the ground for real!


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