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4 Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel in Landfall NC

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

These are some ideas to help get your juices flowing while thinking about a bathroom remodel in Landfall NC, but remember, design is always going to be one of your biggest allies to make an outstanding bathroom! Without great design, no matter your idea, it won’t be that great! The design team at Avocet Design Build not only has the years of experience needed, but the savvy eye for detail to really make your remodel stick out!

1. Natural Textures

Natural textures will not only be durable to constant use (thanks to their more neutral colors, stains and such will not stand out so harshly) but will also give the room a calming sense to your room. There’s a reason most spas use this palette, it’s to create that sense of calm, and you can have it right in your own home! When thinking about this style stick with more neutral-toned tiles, light wood, and black or other darker colors for your fixtures. Finally, you don’t want anything bulky, so think about slim faucets and stand-alone mirrors.

2. Traditional Tub

A traditional tub is a great way to set your bathroom apart. While we don’t see them all the time anymore, when you have a nice clawfoot tub in a bathroom you generally remember it! That’s because it not only brings back memories from the past but also gives an immediate feel to the entire room. Just keep in mind, that this isn’t for everyone. You can also go the other way with an easy-entry shower, perfect if stepping over the large sides is no longer for you.

3. Going Bold

If the idea of neutral colors and a spa feel doesn’t get you going, there is always the option to add striking contrast to your new room! This can be done with shiplap, ceiling-high backsplashes, and maybe copper fixtures. This is sometimes the perfect option for a guest bath or hall bath that you want people to remember and think about. With such a contrast, it can really just look amazing and turn your bathroom into a statement piece of your home instead of something everyone forgets about. However, this takes a good eye for design, if you go too much or too little you’re left with something over the top, just something to keep in mind and talk with to your designer.

4. Industrial Chic

This has taken hold as a trend in recent years and for good reason! It really gives your space something not everyone has and can easily match with most other decors. It also gives you a good starting point for thinking about the rest of your house. Start with interesting fixture choices in metals such as copper and a minimalist look. You want to be bold but not bulky with this look.

If you’re thinking about starting your bathroom remodel and want a team that can not only help you design your dreams but also take the job all the way, call the team at Avocet Design Build today to set up your free consultation!


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