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The Renovation Design Process: Matching Your Project to Your Home

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

What to Expect in Wilmington, NC

Depending on the size of the job, the design process may take additional steps, like bringing in a structural engineer or an architect when we are dealing with load-bearing walls. However, some contractors, like Avocet Design Build, have the power to do all of this for you. The intention of this blog is to give you an overall understanding of our design process, without going into technicalities that might vary depending on the scope and size of the project. Anything and everything you need to know about your specific remodel or renovation can be ascertained through one of our additions professionals. Call or contact Avocet Design Build on the web today to find out more about beginning the design process for your hone!

1. Strategic Planning

The first part of the design process is to meet the client at the job site to do a walkthrough and get to know one another. We, as in-home contractors, have very personal relationships with our clients. We learn about your family, your pets, things you do in your house, things you like, things you don’t like. We need to understand the way you live your life in order to create a personal design that is the best fit for you and your family.

Our job is to transform your vision into a reality. That’s why we use state-of-the-art design technology. The goal here is to build your dream house out of your dreams, or a vision-board style interpretation of what you want in a home.

One key part of strategic planning is to understand your goals and budget. The bottom line is to deliver a design with your budget in mind that you are able to execute. Also, this is where we look at the space and help you determine the best project. Because bigger isn’t always better!

Many times homes don’t have floor plans, or the floor plans are old and hand-drafted. Either way, we may use your existing floor plans, or create new plans from the ground up by field measuring all the spaces of your home. We sketch a new plan with the dimensions; then we draft the sketches on computer software and create a set of new digital plans.

2. Concept Development: Bringing Function into Your Space

This is the phase where we solve your space planning issues for you. The ways we used to live in the 1980s or ’90s are gone! Most homes that were built in past decades go through some type of renovation — either your bathroom, kitchen, or your entire home. Nowadays, people are looking for open spaces. That means we get to knock down walls to create new spaces and resolve issues with awkward spaces. This is the key design phase of creating a great design. We want to make sure that the spaces are functional.

We create sketches, we use the new digital set of floor plans, and we start to transform the space planning. This process is carried out through sketches, drawings to scale, and digital renderings in black and white. (At this point we take photos to use as the “BEFORE” photos.)

Once the design concepts are developed, we schedule a presentation with the client for review and feedback. The idea is to get the space planning right! We take pride in creating functional spaces that you will love. This is what we do best at Avocet!

3. Design Development

Our designers have gathered all this information, plus the feedback we take from you, and then we get into the creative process. The creative juices flow. This is the phase in which we proceed to the details of the design. The idea is to establish a design style that will complement the architectural style of your home, e.g., Modern with a twist of Rustic, Mid-Century Modern, Transitional style, etc.

We select materials, including finishes, flooring, tile, wood pieces, etc., that are part of the design theme for you. We create detailed drawings, a new proposed floor plan, wall elevations showing the new look of every wall, and any other visual aids that we deem necessary to illustrate the design plan.

As part of the design, we can help you create a new color palette that flows with the new finishes and materials.

Bottom line, we plan out what you’re looking for. We also create a preliminary pricing list for all the material presentations. We have a wealth of knowledge about the best materials and pricing, enabling us to deliver an extraordinary design for your needs.

4. Construction Documentation

After the client has approved the design, next we create detailed construction documents that tell the contractors of any trade, e.g., carpenters, tile setters, plumbers, etc., everything they need to know to execute the design flawlessly. There’s no room for mistakes.

Construction documents are also required to pull construction permits from the city in question. Depending upon the city and the size of the project, sometimes the city requires site plans, which are proposed plans showing the scope, material schedules, and elevations. We take pride in the construction drawings that we create ourselves to execute our own designs.

5. Construction Administration

We do all the hard administrative legwork for you. We go to the city building permit office, we apply for the permit, we deal with the city review process, and we then pull the construction permit for you. We also have procedures in place to ascertain that all the materials specified in the design are ordered correctly. We provide material specifications sheets that are referenced in the plans. Once all the materials are approved, along with the cost of the construction project, we begin construction.

We take charge of the whole remodeling construction project, coordinating everything and everybody. We are on the job site every day. We manage every trade transaction on your behalf as we pride ourselves on our accomplished project management.

After the construction is finished, we can help you select new furniture and accessories for your remodel. We plan out every aspect of your new space from the get-go and will be there with you for the whole process. Talk to a representative of Avocet Design Build today to learn from a professional how we can transform your living space into the home you’ve always desired.


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