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What to Do After a Home Remodel in Wilmington, NC

Often, we see people get renovations done and let things fall by the wayside a little. Obviously, it’s a hard process, so we’re not saying you shouldn’t take a little time in your new home. However, if you follow a few simple steps, you can really make your remodel last and look amazing for a long time!

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Maintenance Checklist: First and foremost, we recommend making a checklist of everything that needs or could need maintenance. This includes new appliances, outdoor things such as decks (staining, for example), water heaters and gutters, checking on lights, filters, etc. Obviously, you can have someone else keep up with these types of things, but having a checklist will let you know when to do them and will really keep your house in tip-top shape for many years to come.

Don't miss out on our free Maintenance Checklist! Click here to access a comprehensive guide that will help you stay on top of home maintenance tasks and ensure your property remains in optimal condition.

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Get New Furniture: This isn’t a must, but many times when you spend all that time on a renovation, you want an updated home! While you can always keep as much furniture as you want, getting new furniture will really complete the whole look of your home and make it feel like you have a brand new home!

Update Insurance: Next, you want to update your insurance to actually cover everything new you have in the home and to cover your new home value. While this can sometimes make your monthly payment go up, it’s more than worth it to save your home and wallet in case something were to happen.

Clean Filters: While construction companies try their best to clean your home, remodels involve a lot of dust! It’s always a good idea to take those few extra minutes to get all your filters changed and make sure the air you’re breathing is nice and clean! You can always ask your contractor to do it for you at the end.

Put it Out There: Last but not least, you want to put your house out there! Whether this is for photos for your contractor or just for your own memories! But it’s so much more than pictures; throw a party and let people see all the hard work you put into your home! This can really be a great way to usher your life into a new era in your remodeled home!

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