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What Not to Do When Remodeling in Wilmington, NC

Updated: May 15, 2023

There’s a Lot You Want to Do, but Somethings You Need to Avoid

Normally, it’s good to know what you should do in a certain situation, but knowing what not to do will save you many headaches! So, we’ll cover some of the biggest pitfalls to avoid, but in general, the contractor you have should be able to help you through some of the issues.

Modern Kitchen

Unrealistic Budget

This is first because it’s the most common pitfall we see that really makes things go wrong in the end. So, how do you avoid this and what exactly is a bad budget? First, if you see what a job costs from online estimates, don’t think for some reason you’ll be able to get the same project (or better) for way less money.


Oftentimes, when you slash the budget, there are two main things that happen. First, you get subpar materials as the cost has to be cut somewhere, and if the labor can’t be changed, the only real other place is material. So instead of having high-grade materials, you’ll end up with something much less valuable and long-lasting. So, while you can sometimes cut costs from materials, this is not a surefire way to go.

Next, if you force yourself to go with the lowest price quoted, there is often a reason someone is the lowest cost. Not always, but beware of super low-cost quotes, especially when compared to competitors, there is often a downside. So, long story short, be realistic about what you can afford and how big of a job you should do.

Not Staying With Your Existing Style

This is another big thing to watch out for. If you try to go brand new with everything and contrast your current architectural style, your house will look disjointed and not fit. So, be sure your designer or contractor understands how to match your new renovation with your existing home. Otherwise, you’ll be left with what feels like two different homes.

Being Too Worried About Trends

This sort of matches with the above idea, but is a little more pointed. While something may be trendy now, that doesn’t mean in 5 years you will love it. There are plenty of timeless design ideas out there that have stood the test of time, and that’s for a reason! Remember yellow shag carpets? Yeah, not so cool anymore, so before you hop onto the latest home remodeling trend, think about how it will stand up in ten years!

Not Ordering Enough

Last but not least, it’s better to have more material than not enough! If you are super strict on what gets ordered and end up falling short, with today’s market, material is not super easy to get. So, if you can, make sure to order some extra, that way the job won’t be held up by not having enough. You can always return it later if you need to!

If you’re thinking about a renovation in Wilmington NC and want a team that can not only help you design your dreams but also take the job all the way, call the team at Avocet Design Build today to turn your dreams into reality!


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