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Rethinking Your Outdoor Space in Porters Neck North Carolina

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Summer is a Great Time to Change it Up

You may be looking at your yard as it begins to sprout blooms and flowers as spring engulfs the East Coast. Maybe you have some new ideas as to how you want to refresh your outdoor space in Porters Neck North Carolina. You might just need some new, fresh ideas to get you started. Below we provide several fresh ideas on how to rethink your outdoor space.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Room

There are a number of ways you can remake your outdoor porch, patio, or deck space. One of these ways is by stepping up the comfort! Unroll a weather-proof outdoor rug, get rid of the old outdoor furniture, and bring in some new, comfortable and durable outdoor cushions and seats. There are many brands that cater to this exact use and enable you to find a style all your own while fending off moisture and UV damage. Outfitting your outdoor space in Porters Neck North Carolina has never been so easy!

Turn Your Privacy Fence into a Garden Wall

If you are in love with the idea of a full-out outdoor entertaining area but want to keep things private, we highly recommend getting a beautiful, privacy fence installed. Even better, go “wild” with a fence like this one in which you can plant flowers, vegetables, or anything else you love to look at. Not only does the fence provide you the privacy you crave, but it becomes a talking point and spot you love to gaze upon while you chat and drink cocoa by the firepit. Just be sure to use plants that you’ll be able to enjoy year-round, or change them out regularly to keep things fresh. Alternatives to this method include using a trellis for a privacy wall that is living and green and has the same effect.

Designate An Area For Games and Recreation

One of the most fun backyard activities I remember from my childhood was visiting my grandmother and playing croquet with her and the whole family on her croquet court. No, she was not the “Queen of Hearts” but she had a mean swing. We would play for hours and let the rivalries build between family members. While having a whole court like this could be a large overhaul for most, having a smaller designated space for games will go a long way. Simple games to set up and play include horseshoes and cornhole, you just need a length of space in the yard clear of vegetation and furniture. You can also reformat the space when there are no family gatherings on the horizon. Maybe it can become a meditation or reading space.


Whatever you have in mind to help your outdoor space stand apart from the rest, let Avocet Design Build lend a helping hand. We consist of qualified professionals and contractors who have seen it all. Indulge us with your backyard desires for your Porters Neck property and let us work our magic. Our supportive team will be there working hard from the beginning to your project’s end. Call us today or explore our website to find out how we can serve you!


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