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Case Study: The Snell Family's Home Renovation

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Project Name

The Snell Family's Home Renovation


Project Summary

The Snell Family home underwent significant renovations to accommodate their expanding family. The first floor was altered from an open plan to a designated dining area, creating additional second floor space. This extra space was utilized for a large children's playroom with built-in storage and a media spot. A previously unused closet was converted into a new bathroom in the baby wing. Lastly, a tiny pantry and a powder room were transformed into a spacious pantry with custom shelving. These renovations not only met the family's needs, but also increased heating and cooling efficiency.


Project Story

Growing families need fresh spaces to thrive! The Snell Family came to us with an idea of changing their existing floor plan to house their growing family. We converted an older, open-style first floor plan to house a lovely dining area with chandelier lighting and dedicated space for the family to sit down together and enjoy meals away from the kitchen.

The added dining room ceiling created floor space on the second floor where before it was just open with huge windows and no definition. A large playroom on the second floor now provides built-ins for toys & books and a cozy media spot for the kids to gather with friends.

The new layout also saves on heating and cooling costs! We added a bathroom in the new baby wing to the house where it was previously just an oddly shaped storage closet.

Finally we converted an unused powder room and tiny pantry to a very large and usable pantry complete with custom shelving.

Stacy & Nathan had a firm vision of what they wanted and our design efforts and craftsmanship brought their vision to life. We wish them many happy memories to come in the new family space!


Whole House

Job Category

Renovation / Remodel






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