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Is It Worth It to Design Your Own Home?

It’s a Long & Grueling Process

Modern Deck

Clients sometimes ask us if it would be possible for them to design their own homes. However, the first thing you must realize is how long the process takes. Obviously, we have years of experience in the field, and it might not seem like it takes all that much time. But… That’s what comes with over 40 years in the industry. If you are trying to build something from scratch and it’s your first or second time, this will be a very long, drawn-out process.

Plus, even if you have a vision in your mind, it can be very hard to get that vision onto paper and actually executed. If you are thinking about trying to design your own home, just know it’s going to be a long process to get the renovation where you want it and become something a company can execute.

Something You’ll Have For a Long Time

The next big factor is that you’ll be in your home for a while! Even if you’re only there for 5 years, that is a large portion of your life spent in a place. So, you not only want it to look great but also to function. This can be one of the most complex parts of designing your own home or renovation. It can be very hard to make that perfect union of form and function.

Then, while doing the designs yourself can help with cost in the short run, over the long term, having a design and build company help you through the process will increase your ROI and energy efficiency and will save money in terms of mistakes coming up in the building process. This isn’t to say you can’t play a role in the design, but taking it on your own can be a serious process that might not have the results you want.

The Benefits of Accountability

Next, having someone else also accountable for the process is huge. This isn’t to say you will be blaming each other for things, more that the shared responsibility of making a home beautiful will fall on more shoulders. This lets you, as the homeowner, appreciate the process and look at the results more objectively. Having a company accountable in the process will make everything run smoother and give you a partner in the process.

It Depends on Time!

Last but not least, this all depends on time! If you have all the time in the world to make your designs exactly what you want, go for it! However, for most of us, we don’t have unlimited time. Having a design and build company will not only take less time, it will free you up to do what you love more.

If you're thinking about a renovation in Wilmington, NC, and want a team that can help you design your dreams and take the job all the way, call the team at Avocet Design Build today to turn your dreams into reality!


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