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8 Outdoor Additions for a Better Fall in Wilmington, NC

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The Fall is a Great Time for Projects

Here in Wilmington North Carolina, the start of fall is peering its head. Falling leaves and cooler evenings call for more time spent outdoors to enjoy the mild temperature and seasonal surroundings. Welcome the season with new, fun outdoor additions!

Summertime is all about pool floats and lounge chairs—fall, on the other hand, is all about furniture and settings that can’t help but make us feel cozy, warm, and right at home. In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing our top ways to do just that with a brand new addition to your outdoor space.

Pool enclosure

If you are not swimming in your pool as much in the fall, you may be wondering: why would I want a pool enclosure? Simply put, adding a pool enclosure now helps you avoid the rush during the summer months when you want to jump right in—and, of course, it will help keep your pool surface looking clean and debris-free all season long.


The addition of a pergola makes great sense for the fall season when you want to entertain without covering up from the sun entirely. Enjoy the best of shade and sun in this flexible option!


A firepit is one of those additions that can improve entertaining all year round… but if you don’t have one already, fall is an excellent time to add one to your space. You can design a built-in pit or simply pick up a portable one that can be enjoyed near the pool or on your patio, it’s up to you. It can provide a warm, crackling atmosphere perfect for cozy fall nights and roasting up some sweet treats like s’mores with friends and family. Great for patios and other stonework backyard settings, fire pits are perfect for chilly autumn nights. What used to be a simple hole in the ground has now turned into a cottage industry where iron and metal workers craft intricate designs for artistic fire pits that will illuminate your patio and keep all your guests warm.


Much like fire pits, fireplaces are an excellent way to stay warm when the October air starts to chill. Unlike fire pits, fireplaces are more traditional and are often built into stone structures that anchor patio dining tables and other outdoor setups. With a large enough fireplace and the right seating furniture around it, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere that is just right for autumn nights.


A light system is one idea but to create a unique effect and give off some needed heat, torches are perfect for backyard décor. Lining up a series of torches that mark a pathway or stairs is not only safe but will give off some extra heat that can help when the temperature starts to drop a bit. Be careful when using torches and ensure each one is thoroughly extinguished before you turn in for the night.

Canopies with Enclosures

If you plan on entertaining outdoors during the fall, you may need more than just some heat. September and October can bring wind and rain and in that case, you will want a sturdy canopy with door and window enclosures so you can still be outside but safe from any foul weather. These canopy kits can be bought with heaters to blow hot air into the canopy so all your guests stay warm. Great for receptions and parties, a bright white canopy tent is a great addition for outdoor entertaining. Or of course, you can always just build a new permanent structure to have to enjoy all year round. If you’re thinking about a new project, contact Avocet Design Build today for a hassle-free quote.

Pizza oven

Another way to enjoy fall eats outdoors? Add a pizza oven! For the chef in you, pro or not, anyone can learn fresh pizza making. This addition will allow you to enjoy deliciously crisp crusts, gooey cheese, and a truly fresh-out-the-oven taste you can’t replicate any other way. For family dinners outdoors, this is an excellent go-to option… one that can add a festive vibe to your everyday routine, and can be a fun and interactive activity for the whole family, maybe even the whole neighborhood!

Herb and veggie garden

If you spent all summer planting gorgeous, colorful flowers, you may want to continue the gardening fun this fall. One great way to do that is to create an herb and veggie garden, one that will help you concoct tasty seasonal recipes right from home. Many hearty seasonal vegetables grow throughout the fall season, and a new garden bed, every year will bring a new harvest.

When it comes to preparing your home for the fall season, choose Avocet Design Build. Let us know what you want in a space, and we’ll work to make it a reality just in time for cozy autumn evenings, family dinners, and everything in between.


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