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Turning Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Living Space in Landfall North Carolina

Updated: 11 hours ago

Going from Idea to Reality

When you have a good idea of the type of outdoor living space you want and what you will use it for, the next step will be to plan how to fill the space. Making accurate measurements will be important to have before furniture and other amenities are considered. Whether you have a little or a lot of space, Avocet Design Build can help you fit everything you want and need into the outdoor living space in Landfall North Carolina. In this blog, we will give you a few key ideas on how to use your space.

Outfitting A Balcony Deck or Porch

With smaller spaces, there is a high potential to over saturate the area with furniture. Ideally, you want a well-balanced area of both seating, for relaxation, and open space, for outdoor activities. Make sure you have room to move and walk between your furniture and that everything is spaced out ergonomically. Consider also that if you have, or will have a view from your porch, deck, or balcony, you will want shorter tables and chairs so as not to obstruct the view. Some low-situated lounge chairs or chaises are great for soaking in the sun while maintaining your space and privacy. The layout of your outdoor space will depend mostly upon what your space constraints are. Make sure to inform your contractor of this information. Avocet Additions has years of experience working with projects of all shapes and sizes and with our proprietary design software, we are sure to find the perfect sized project for you.

Larger Decks and Patios

When working with more space you can comfortably fit more furniture for seating, areas for entertaining, or just more space for activities! Dining tables and large accommodation spaces are popular with larger patios and deck areas, the trick is to not overcrowd your space. You want to find a balance between seating, dining, and activities while still being a part of the yard and the outdoors. If you have a comfortable amount of space you may want to look into a larger deck or patio for your outdoor living space in Landfall North Carolina.

Screened Decks and Porches

When you have a screened-in porch or deck your options expand to include the potential to have more indoor amenities. With a 4-season type of space with a full roof cover, you can trust your nicer furniture and even electronics to be protected. This means enjoying the spectacle of nature while having use of your indoor amenities, truly the best of both worlds. The deciding factor will be if you prefer a mesh (permeable) type wall covering or a glass (impermeable) type covering. The permeable material will allow wind and temperature and possibly moisture to get through, while the impermeable will only let light and some temperature variation through. If you want more of an extended living room with windows, go with glass or other impermeable material. If you desire the closeness of nature and more of an indoor/outdoor hybrid space, choose the mesh or other permeable type material.


The space constraints of your living space do determine some key factors of what can be built, but you still have a great deal of freedom in choosing an outdoor living space that is right for you. Let the team at Avocet Additions help find the right outdoor living space in Landfall North Carolina that works best for you and your family. Contact us today to get a quote, and get started on your dream outdoor space!

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