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Organizing for Your Upcoming Renovation

After the contracts are signed and the design selections are completed for the new space it's time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for the Avocet Design Build demolition crew to arrive. Use our organizing tips to keep things organized and stress free.

Gather cardboard boxes, sturdy plastic containers, tape and a permanent marker.

Use the 3 box system:  A cardboard box for give away, a plastic box for storage, and a cardboard box for trash.

It’s easiest to start with items you rarely use. Touch each item and make a decision about if you will actually use it in your new space. Try not to think, “Well maybe someday…” 

At Avocet we discuss what will go in each new cabinet; dividers, shelves or drawers needed. Mentally try to “fill” these spaces with the items and pack & mark those boxes specifically. Be brutally honest and if it’s broken, old and you can’t get replacement parts, let it go. If it can be used by another, please donate. Otherwise pack in a plastic container and mark accordingly and thoroughly. Don’t just mark them, “kitchen;”  be specific! Knives, silverware, serving spoons, etc.

If you come across holiday items or seasonal things, batch them together and mark them properly. Put them in an attic or shed and bring them back into the mix during the next holiday. Don’t think you’ll do it later, life gets busy.

Reach even further. If you come across specific items you think another can use, make smaller bags or envelopes with their names on them. Take an extra hour and write a note to the person; “I was thinking of you and thought you might enjoy this. Don’t feel obligated to keep it if it doesn’t work for you.” Add a personal memory about the object or who it belonged to originally in the family. Bless and release it!

Finally, the items you use the most should be packed last and kept the easiest to get a hold of if needed before the renovation is complete but especially as soon as it is done. At Avocet Design Build, we always send a professional in to clean the space for you when construction is complete so you can get back to regular life as soon as possible. 

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