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Investing in Your Home During a Turbulent Market

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

In a Volatile Market Remodeling in Wilmington NC is the Way to Go

This is something very important to think about in our current housing climate. As prices continue to vary and rates continue to rise, the more your home is remodeled, the more it is willing to sell in hard times and the more you can get out of it in good times. As we said, right now things have been on the rise for a while in Wilmington NC, but the homes that are really reaping the biggest benefit are remodeled (at least the kitchens and bathrooms) as people don’t want to have to do too much initial work.

Plus, at some point, things are going to change in the housing market, and if you need to sell your home for whatever reason, the nicer homes with features will still be able to sell while older and outdated houses will sit for a long time.

A Home is an Investment

We aren’t saying this to make you worried about what the market could do, but if you’re planning on being in your house for a long or short time, it is good to look at it as an investment. So, with that in mind, don’t worry too much about the future market, but giving yourself a little bit of cushion for what could happen is never a bad thing. If you have the time and means to invest in your home now, it’s better to do it while the going is good, so if things take a turn, you can fall back on your investment.

Creating Something for the Now & the Future

Obviously, you’re going to still live in the house, so you don’t want to put so much into what future buyers may want, that you don’t like living there! Too often we see homeowners overlook their own wants and needs for what they deem will do well later. Well, here’s the harsh news, the market and style are always flowing. You could spend a lot of money on something you don’t like just for a potential customer and then, the trends change. So, while we don’t recommend doing anything too crazy (maybe no giant cows and built into the wall), you should make your space something you enjoy.

Even if you tone down your idea for the general public, don’t totally give up your idea for someone else.

Having a Partner in Your Wilmington NC Remodel

At Avocet Design Build, we have years of experience not only in the construction phase but also in the planning and design phases as well. We can work with you from beginning to end to really give you the exact project you want to not only transform your time in your house but help you recoup your investment when the time comes. Give the experts at Avocet Design Build a call today to get started on your dream project that will help support you now and in the future!

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