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How to Plan for an Addition in Landfall, NC

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

It Takes time, but With Proper Planning, You’ll Get it Done

We’re going to continue our series on how the process of a renovation will actually go. Last week we looked at planning out the different sections of your Remodel in Landfall NC. While it’s good to know about how to get your financing and planning down, there is other important stuff as well!

This includes things like choosing a contractor, getting possible financing, and choosing a timeline! Let’s see how it will go down.

Things to Look for in a Contractor

Then, someone actually needs to do the work! Picking a contractor is hard but there are four things to look for in a remodeling job:

  1. A Contractor who has the ability to help you in the design and actually understand your space

  2. A Proven quality of work and the response their previous customers have had

  3. Someone you can actually get along with, as they will work closely with you on the project.

  4. A contractor who has proven to meet deadlines

  5. A company that is focused on the same style of a project as you. This is something a little harder to explain, but here it goes. Basically, if you are looking for a high-end project and to really nail your dream home, (much like the services we provide), or, if you just need something done as fast and cheap as possible. No two companies will prove.

There are more options than this, but these are a good start to look at. If you want to have a space that works for your home, contact us today to have our design experts reach out and see if our building science approach is for you.

Picking a Time Frame That Works for You

When do you want your project to be completed? Why is it so important? First, you want to know when the work will be over and you’re life will go back to normal. Or, maybe you have a big event coming up, maybe you want the space to enjoy for the next season, or anything reason is valid to pick a solid timeframe. It’s not only for the completion date but also for when you want the work to actually occur. As you will have people in your house making noise during the day. Areas might not be used at night. Some homeowners even like to try and plan renovations when they have a long vacation planned. So they won’t have to deal with the construction for the entire period.

Just be aware, that if you plan for a certain time, you might not get it. Scheduling does not always allow for the project to be exactly when you want. That’s why the further out you book, the better your chances. If you need something done next week, you’re probably in for some trouble.

Lastly here, you want the contractor to give you a rough time frame. That way you can understand how long a project will take. If you have a contractor refusing to give any time frames, it’s not always a bad sign, but sometimes can be for sure. At Avocet Design Build, we use our accomplished project management and Building Science to stick very close to time frames from the beginning and get your job done right.


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