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Does Adding A Deck To Your Home Add Value?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Decks serve as an extension to a house’s living space. It provides homeowners a new place to relax and to gather with their loved ones in a serene setting. Decks are perfect for gathering because it gives the guests a space that the interior of the house can’t provide.

With a deck, you can set-up a barbecue grill to enjoy dinner, place sleeping mats and tents for some outdoor camping, or sit there in the morning to read the newspaper with coffee. There are things which you can’t do inside due the limited space of your house which can be done on the deck.

For that reason, a house with a deck becomes appealing for home buyers. Once it catches the eyes of the home buyers, the value of your house will inevitably increase when you put it out to sell.

What adds value to a home?

Whether you are planning to put your house up for sale or not, it is always good to add value to your house. There are many ways to add value to a home. One of the most common ways of doing so is by remodeling and renovating your house. However, you must be practical with the changes you make because not all home makeovers can add value.

If you want to work your way up the property ladder, make sure that the renovations and remodels are not too costly. A small renovation project, minor remodeling of the internal layout, adding extra rooms, and extending the outdoor spaces such as the porch, garage, garden, and deck will raise the value of your house.

Many home buyers prefer outdoor living spaces like decks and porches. Since home sellers want to make sure that they will receive a higher return of investment, they opt to add decks since it is easy and cheaper to build compared to porches. As a result, adding a deck becomes a must for home projects due to its demand in the property market. And it doesn’t have to be that expensive, there are great backyard deck ideas on a budget that can help add value to your house!

But, does a deck add the square footage to your home?

There are some instances where the deck can’t add the square footage to your home. It is because decks are mostly built within the house’s lawn. The lawn of the house is already counted in the square footage of the property thus, when the deck is built there, it may not add square footage.

Types of decks

Deck types and styles depend on whether you have a big or small lot. If you have a large lot, think of the perfect spot to build your deck. Here are some deck styles and types you can build for your big lot:

  • Detached or Island Deck

  • Multi-Level Deck

  • Swimming Pool Deck

For a smaller lot, be creative on how you build it. Doing so without compromising the size of your deck is key. Here’s a list of decks that are suitable for a smaller lot:

  1. Attached Deck

  2. Wraparound Deck

  3. Side-Yard Deck

If you are looking for a deck type that is perfect for both lot sizes and is cheaper to build, you can build a composite deck such as a Vault Deck or Voyage Deck. Composite decks are made of a mixture of wood and plastic materials. It is long-lasting and requires less maintenance compared to other types of decks.

How much value does a composite deck add?

Since composite decks require less maintenance and have longer lifespan than the other type of decks, it’s more valuable compared to the others. Building a composite deck costs up to $15,900 and a recoup of $10,800. It means that the added value is up to 68%. Thus, many homeowners build composite decks to their homes.

A type of composite decking, known as a trex deck is fade resistant and won’t rot or warp. Compared to others that last for about 25-30 years, trex decks last for much longer.

Does a trex deck add value to your home?

Although trex decks are costly to build than composite decks, it can still raise the value of your home. A trex deck is not only eco-friendly, but also maintenance-free, and easy to install. For that reason, the return of investment of a trex deck is much higher than any other composite deck. While it may seem like the best option at this point some homeowners decide to build a deck type that is insect-free and weather-friendly. Known as a screened in porch, this form of decking protects the flooring from the elements and keeps it from a speedy wear and tear that most decks have to combat against.

If you are interested in building the deck yourself, check out what materials you need to build a deck! And if you need any help for planning or building a deck, don’t forget to reach out, we are here to help!

Does a screened in porch add value to your home?

A screened in porch is more expensive to build compared to the other type of decks. Due to its high rate of installation, it will not raise the value of your house. Its recoup is not enough to return the cost of its installation. But, if your house has an old screened in porch, refurbishing and maintaining its appearance will definitely increase its value over time.

That said, if you are planning to put your house into sale, always plan ahead before you start constructing or renovating your house. Always bear in mind that not all renovations and extensions will have a high return of investment. It is always good to make arrangements ahead, do your research, and consult an expert beforehand.


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