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Avocet’s Kitchen Trends for 2024

Where does everyone stand whenever you’re throwing a party? The kitchen! It’s no wonder we see new trends evolve around the kitchen each year as homeowners try to make better use of their existing space. Kitchens are always top of the list because we spend so much of our waking time there and they get so much use. Here is a brief Top Ten for 2024.

Open Space

Opening Up Small Spaces/Structural Changes

Kitchens with smaller dining rooms attached or unused nooks and plate pass-throughs are getting a makeover. People want to be together in their spaces instead of separated. Non load-bearing walls are being removed to create a more open, usable concept. Removing partial walls gives an airy feel and an inclusive dining experience.

Natural Countertops

Stark white countertops and using all cold, solid surface materials are losing favor. There are some beautiful butcher blocks that can add warmth and functionality.

Bespoke Metals/Mixing Metals

Mixing colors and materials on cabinet hardware lends variety to the eye and function to the kitchen. For example, copper pulls on dark blue cabinets and antique bronze on the white cabinets lends interest.

Layered Lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in our kitchen design. Lighting lends itself to atmosphere and having varied options make sense. At Avocet, we love adjustable mono-spotlights for illuminating the wine fridge or pantry. Natural lighting over eating spaces and statement lighting at the countertop can set your kitchen apart from the rest and save your eyes as well.

White Kitchen

Warmer Whites

The starkness of bright white is taking a backseat to warmer white hues which lend themselves well to mixing with color and varied hues. Adding textiles and colored tile as accents.

Warmer Hues on Cabinetry

Staying with a timeless palette, warmer colors make a good choice for kitchen cabinetry. We custom paint or stain all our cabinets so we can achieve just the right hue for each home.

High Tech Appliances

Kitchen appliances have become very smart and stylish as well. Counter-depth refrigerators and side-by- side freezers are our favorites. They allow for maximum food storage and little wasted space the old big, box bottom freezers had. Induction stoves and natural gas reign supreme.

Banquettes and Reimagined Tables

Banquettes are an excellent way to make use of under window spaces without adding more furniture. The benches lift up and provide hide-a-way storage for holiday items, blankets, and homework items. Custom made cushions add color and can be changed seasonally.

Organization Inserts

Drawer and cabinet dividers make kitchen life so much better! Just to name a few of our favorites; cookie sheet & cutting board dividers, drawers that hold spices at eye level, coffee nooks, tea cabinets, pull-outs & turntables. 

Natural Shelving as Accent & Function

Natural Shelving as Accent & Function

We love live-edge shelving over kitchen sinks with under cabinet lighting attached to add a soft glow to evening clean-up and offer homeowners a spot to put artwork, family heirloom pieces and add personality to a kitchen.


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