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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

This is the Perfect Time to do it!

The grass is turning green, the trees are budding, birds are chirping – which means summertime is upon us. These are also signs that it’s time to take advantage of the warm weather and free time and get started on those home improvement projects that have been on your mind all year. Don’t rule out your home improvement project this summer because you think the summer season is too busy. Summer is a great time to work on home renovations – especially for bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. Here are our top five reasons why we think summer might just be the perfect time to update your home!

1. Warm Weather

One of the most significant benefits of renovating during the summer is the warm weather. It makes work significantly easier for contractors and will likely mean fewer or no weather-related delays on your project. If you have a kitchen renovation project in mind, the warm weather gives you the option of cooking outside and BBQing while your kitchen is under construction.

2. Life Is Less Busy

For a lot of families, life slows down a little bit over the summer months. School is out, a lot of sports and activities take the summer off, and as a result, your family is likely a little less busy. Many families also travel for a week or so at a time – meaning they’ll be away from home during the renovation period. With your more relaxed summer schedule, you’ll likely have more time to consider and decide on the details of your home improvement project. This can help ensure no corners are cut and you get the remodel and build just as you requested. Summer can be a good time for the homeowner and contractor to work out plans together in advance of the scheduled remodeling. Stress free is the best way to go, and working with a professional contractor will be a testament to that statement. Give us a call for more information.

3. Save Money

As contractors typically charge based on the amount of time they are on the job – weather-related delays can cause project costs to increase. It is much easier and faster for contractors to work in better weather and your home remodeling and renovations are more likely to go on without delays. Deals on materials and labor are common in summer and spring when companies are kicking off the season. Make sure you know what your plan is for your remodel, down to the basic materials needed. Then work closely with your contractor, and together, sourcing the perfect material for your home will be a breeze. Call or contact us online for updated information about pricing and materials.

4. Spend More Time Outdoors

Creating that outdoor space you have always wanted doesn’t have to be a dream. A new porch, deck, sunroom addition, anything can be possible to get you spending more time outside. With the right plan you can turn your current outdoor area into a new space.

It’s also the case that when you have a crew working on a home improvement project at your house – you’re going to want to be out of your house as much as possible. During the summer, it’s a lot easier to find affordable and enjoyable ways to spend your time outside of the house while the project is completed. You can head to an outdoor pool, to a park or on a hike to enjoy the outdoors while your home improvement project is completed!

5. Longer Days

One of the best parts of summer is the long hours of daylight. Not only is this enjoyable for evening walks or family bike rides but the long days also give contractors more time to work. As the sun sets later and later, your home improvement crew has more time to put in on those days where things need to get done before the sun sets.

Additionally you might be remodeling your outdoor space like a deck or porch. Updating these areas and making them as comfortable as possible will prolong your ability to enjoy the Summer months. Starting a garden can be a great outdoor activity for you and your family. No matter your experience level, gardening is a wonderful hobby for the spring and summer. There’s nothing like adding a few fresh veggies from your garden into your salad or home-grown herbs to your dinner. Remodeling these spaces will provide you with a peaceful place for you and your family to spend time together for years to come.

Summer is one of our favorite seasons here in Austin. We recommend that you take advantage of the warm weather, slower pace and long days and get started your home improvement project. You’ll love entering the next season with a new and improved home.


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