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11 Deck and Patio Ideas Perfect for Wilmington, NC

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Now is the Time to Start Thinking About Your Exterior

Creating an enviable deck or patio makeover is something most homeowners dream of. Here are 12 ideas you can use to realize your dream backyard.

1. Floating Deck

This deck construction style saves you a lot of money on lumber frames. You can make these decks even more alluring by leaving out panels and by filling them with plant life or even using curved wood.

2. Revamp Your Deck

Take a good look at your deck—if it’s structurally sound, all it may need is a facelift. Simply refinish the material or add a painted design with stencils. Increase the visual appeal with beautiful potted

3. Patio and Deck Idea – Add a Daybed

Sometimes all a deck or patio makeover needs is a designated lounge area. Creating a nap-time getaway can be as easy as placing a new slipcover on an old couch or buying an affordable daybed and adding outdoor pillows. You can even create one out of reclaimed wood and colorful cushions.

4. Create a Low-Maintenance Gravel Patch

Patios and decks don’t have to be traditional. Space out an area and fill it with gravel for a practically maintenance-free retreat. You can mix in colored glass for a pop of color, and have fun with the furniture. Adding a canopy will make the space even more unique.

5. Create a Chessboard

A decked patio doesn’t have to be solid. Use CMU pavers to create a chessboard pattern. Use it like a traditional game board with oversized pieces, or just enjoy the fun pattern as you lounge.

6. Salvaged Materials

The eclectic aesthetic is in, and avant-garde is trendy, and both can be good for your budget. Explore online classifieds or home improvement store salvage bins for materials you can use to make a chic outdoor living room. Or, you can always have an expert like Avocet Additions help you with this style.

You can find amazing materials like wooden boards, logs, branches, slate, and granite as well as traditional brick, concrete, and paving stones. The fun part is you can experiment as much as you want. Slices of a tree trunk can become visually stunning stepping “stones”. Combining these elements with traditional wood porches or existing structures in your yard can be a good way to craft your perfect yard. Mix and match or go with one material for a mosaic-style look.

7. Free Form

Break free and create an outdoor patio makeover that moves you. We apply our authentic design and building science to create whatever you could want. You can even incorporate wood planks or slats as set-in walkways. An older rustic-looking wood, especially when surrounded by trees or garden foliage, will give your yard that enchanted Old-world feel.

8. Concrete Pavers

Think of concrete pavers and paving stones like an area rug. Create a design or stain them in colors to make patterns. Pavers allow a wide variety of creativity and individuality into your porch design. You can use this method as a floating porch, or a connected one with your existing porch.

9. Patio and Deck Idea: Create a Cabana

Think away from the ground and look to the sky. You can skip the patio and simply enjoy a shaded area. All you need is PVC pipe or wood, and curtains to drape for a fast cabana. You can get further creative with curved iron and sails and create a truly unique outdoor living space. If you want a serious cabana or closed in the area, the experts at Avocet Design Build.

10. Barefoot Patio

Remember those paving stones? If you create space between them you can plant a ground cover like buffalo grass for a luscious lawn/patio combo your feet will love. Also using a sanded wood substitute will have an equally exquisite feel under your feet.

11. Pallet Decks

Pallets are a quick and easy way to create an artistic deck or patio. You can find pallets inexpensively through Craigslist or by hunting around delivery docks at stores, and they are one of the most versatile DIY materials there are. Paint or finish them any color you’d like, arrange them in any shape, and even build tables, planters, and chairs out of them.

Talk To An Expert

Whatever your idea or direction you have for your current/future outdoor space, get your project started with Avocet Additions. We come equipped with decades of experience in the field and we extend this knowledge to you. With our proprietary design software we are able to take the details of your project and translate them to a perfect plan for your perfect addition. Call or visit our website today to learn more about what we can do for you!


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