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Real Estate Agents, Join us for a
Lunch -N- Learn Free Webinar

Helping Your Clients See Past the 90's Decor

A Quick Guide to Renovation Possibilities


Wednesday, October 18, 2023 | 12PM EST


Are you a Wilmington Real Estate Agent  looking to level up your game and provide your clients with top-notch service?

It's time to transform your approach to home sales!


Look no further!

Join us for an exciting and insightful webinar tailored just for you!


Who should Attend?

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About the webinar

Why Should You Attend?


Unlock the Hidden Potential

The 90's decor can be a major turn-off for potential homebuyers. Learn how to help your clients see past outdated interiors and uncover the hidden potential of every property. Boost your listings and close deals faster!


Build Stronger Client Relationships

Show your clients that you're invested in their success. With our expert tips, you'll guide them through the renovation process, fostering trust and loyalty.


Increase Your Value

By offering renovation insights, you'll become the go-to Real Estate Agent for clients seeking a transformation. Elevate your reputation and increase your earning potential.


Spotlight the Possibilities

Gain a competitive edge by highlighting renovation opportunities during property showings. Turn dated spaces into modern, desirable homes.

What You'll Learn


Identifying Renovation Potential

Discover the telltale signs of a property with renovation potential, even when it's trapped in the 90's.

Staging for Success

Learn how to stage a property effectively to inspire buyer imagination.

Market Trends

Cost-Effective Upgrades

Explore budget-friendly renovation ideas that maximize ROI.

Navigating Renovation Obstacles

et tips on handling common renovation challenges like permits and contractors.

Stay up-to-date with the latest real estate and renovation trends that are winning over modern buyers.

Don't let outdated decor hold you or your clients back.

Join us for "Helping Your Clients See Past the 90's Decor" and embark on a journey to become a top-tier Real Estate Agent in Wilmington.


Register Now and start your journey

to becoming a renovation-savvy Real Estate Agent!


Join our Free 1-Hour Webinar


Helping Your Clients See Past the 90's Decor

A Quick Guide to Renovation Possibilities



October 18th at NOON EST

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