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Why Choose a Design-Build Firm in Wilmington, NC

It's More Than Just Peace of Mind

Well, we did say it's more than peace of mind, but that is probably the most important reason! When you go with a firm that not only specializes in building your dream projects but can also design them from scratch. So, why will this help you sleep better at night? Mainly because you can see your project go from the very beginning and what exactly your home will look like.

With a design-build firm, you get to see how your home will look and make decisions from the get-go. Don't like something in the design phase, don't worry; it can be changed before any construction happens. You wouldn't believe how often people want to change their minds on a build; however, if you wait until construction actually happens, you will not only have to spend more to get it done, but the project will be slowed down tremendously.

Avocet Design Build

A Concrete and Simple-to-Follow Plan

The next most important reason is that this gives you a concrete plan from day one, similar to the above, but not only will you be able to make changes, but you will also have a solid plan laid out from the very beginning. This makes construction easier (as the builders and everyone involved has an exact plan of what to expect) and makes the process faster, as no one is left wondering how something should look.

This makes the process easier for both the homeowners and the builders, as everyone involved knows exactly how the home should look and where everything is going in the process. If you don't go with a design-build company, arguments can arise on where the project should be heading. When you have everything laid out from the beginning, you know what exactly is coming.


Next up is something most people don't think about but really should! When the plan is completely laid out and agreed upon, everyone involved has more accountability. There really can be no debate when you have everything designed from the beginning. This goes for both parties; if something isn't built that you know you should be there, just look at the design, and you can see if that particular thing should be in the home!

While this adds a ton of accountability to the contractor, it also gives the homeowner peace of mind. You know what you are paying for and what your home will look like. This also gives you an easy way to add additional projects to your home. Maybe you get all the way done, and since you know the price, you can actually add more to the project after the fact. Overall, this just comes down to keeping your project on schedule, on price, and, most importantly, giving you far more peace of mind than a piecemeal job!

If you're thinking about a renovation in Wilmington, NC, and want a team that can help you design your dreams and take the job all the way, call the team at Avocet Design Build today to turn your dreams into reality!


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